Background and mission

The idea for Career Cardio came from two sisters who noticed a problem…

Rosie, a journalist, was mystified by the convoluted and unclear online presences of so many of the people she looked up online. Jessica, a marketing executive, found herself constantly fielding requests from friends to help them find jobs and was surprised at how ill-informed their approaches to job searching were. She also noticed people felt stuck and were unhappy with their current jobs no matter how hard they had worked to get there.

If so many people needed help presenting themselves professionally online and on paper, we wondered, why don’t we start a service to help them? In early 2014, the first iteration of Career Cardio was founded with a $250 budget and a website built in an evening. Two weeks later, Jessica and Rosie had their first client, and word has spread ever since to helping hundreds over the last four years.

Today, Career Cardio is run by Jessica, with Rosie serving as an advisory role. The method we pioneered has helped our diverse clients get hired at companies including Spotify, Instagram, Vogue, NBC Universal, McKinsey, and many others.

It’s helped launch personal brands and entrepreneurial projects including blogs, ecommerce websites, coaching practices and consultancies. Working with everyone from freshly-minted college graduates to baby boomers looking to redefine themselves in the digital age, we give our clients the tools to clearly communicate who they are professionally.

Jessica Spinks Thieriot

Jessica Spinks Thieriot is a marketing consultant and the co-founder/CEO of Career Cardio.

With an MBA from the University of Arizona, Jessica has more than ten years of experience advising companies and individuals on strategic branding, marketing, networking, and partnerships.

Since founding Career Cardio, she has been invited to share the company’s methods at speaking engagements at venues such as SXSW, Salesforce, The Girls Lounge, and NBC Universal, as well as at various social enterprises, startups and charities. From 2011 to 2016, Jessica served as the marketing director for luxury real estate developers Klein Financial Corporation, where she established impactful partnerships with SBE, Dwell Magazine, the Screen Actor’s Guild, and coordinated red carpet Hollywood events for the Oscars and Emmys. Now running Career Cardio as a full-time venture, Jessica is passionate about giving clients the tools they need to clearly communicate who they are professionally and creatively.

We have worked with…

SXSW iTunes Concord Music Spotify Arizona University NBC Vogue Maria Shriver Instagram